How to Give Your Baby Winter Skin Care For the Winter

How to Give Your Baby Winter Skin Care For the Winter

Take good care of your little one’s skin in the winter is just as important as taking good care of their hair and skin in summer. The skin on a baby is susceptible, and you don’t want to irritate it because you’re trying to protect them from the harsh elements of winter.

The skin on a baby is also thinner than that of an adult, and therefore, it is more susceptible to damage from the wind or the cold air during the winter months. Here are some simple tips for caring for your baby’s delicate skin that will make it look and feel even better in the summer months!


It is vital to clean your baby’s feet thoroughly in the winter.

Please make sure to wash both his feet of any dirt and debris that could get onto his bedding. If you find that your baby has been barefoot all day, there is a greater chance for small bits of dirt to build upon his bare feet, which could potentially become a health concern later on. Wash his feet regularly in the summer to avoid such issues from happening. Keep the feet slightly damp all the time, as this helps remove soil that can get into the toes. You should also use a natural detergent for the best results.


Proper winter skincare for your baby begins in the morning.

Get up and bathe your little one and bath him before going off to school. You will find that bathing your little one in the tub is the best way to go because it gives him a nice warm feeling. However, bathing your child at home in a bucket maybe a little bit easier since he is less likely to become wet under the water. Be careful not to scrub too hard, or else your little one could develop blisters or rashes.


Make sure to moisturize your child’s face in the winter to maintain proper winter skincare.

A good facial scrub is a good way to get your little one into the mood for sleep. After bathing, try massaging his cheeks and forehead to soften his skin and get rid of any build-up accumulated over the winter. As a special treat, try to put a couple of drops of almond oil into his water bottle with a cotton ball.

During his winter months, give your little one the same care that you would give him if you were a parent in his coldest days. It’s essential to keep a watchful eye on his food intake. A little bit of juice can be great for hydration and when your child is feeling hungry, give him a snack or two instead of having a big meal.


To prepare his favorite snack, make sure that it is stored in a special bottle warm.

You can either add some hot water and fruit to the bottle, or you can add a couple of spoons of honey to his juice. If your child is having trouble sleeping, you can add some honey into his water to help make it feel like springtime. Another great idea for baby care in winter is to add a couple of drops of lavender oil to his/her bottle before bed.


If your child is having trouble breathing

you can gently rock your baby by using only your palm so that he/she does not suffer as much from the cold as he/she is used to in the warmer months. If the weather is getting a bit chilly outside, put on some earplugs so that he/she is not exposed to the weather outside. If your child is going through the winter blues, try to do some light activity during the day. Play with your child outside or take a walk.

These two things will help keep your child’s heart rate up so that he/she is still happy and alert.

No matter how old or young your child is, the basic steps of winter skincare will work wonders for them no matter what season it is. The key is to have fun and let your child be involved. This will keep him/her busy and make them more enjoyable to be around for years to come.

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